From Joan Townsend:-

WE all realise that the passing of time brings changes, but the closure on Saturday of Living, the Co-operative department store in Grange Road, will, sadly, result once again in the loss of jobs in Birkenhead.

I extend to those employees every good wish for the future and trust they are successful in finding other suitable employment.

Going right back in time, when the store belonged to Birkenhead & District Co-operative Society, older citizens will remember the lovely grottos which they had in the store, and how everyone waited for the days when the Dividend was paid out.

The November pay-out was eagerly awaited for Christmas and everyone could remember their 'divi' number.

If you obtained a job with the Co-op, it was felt you had done really well.

Back to reality. Living was a good store with pleasant staff and I, and my friends, are sad to see the demise of this large store.

Hoylake Rd, Bidston.

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