From Peter Owen:-

FOR most of my life I have cycled, climbed, walked the hills and ski-ed. In fact, every spare moment of my time was spent enjoying the countryside.

Then, six years ago, I broke my neck, thanks to a soft drinks can wrapping itself round my front cycle wheel. I am now completely paralysed from the armpits down (including my hands).

However, the only possible way I can get exercise now is with a cycling attachment to my wheelchair which enables me to use my upper arms to propel myself.

In order to do this, I need to be driven either to Delamere Forest to use the trails or the Wirral Coastal Path from Seacombe to Hoylake. These routes are used by families, walkers, joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and, in Delamere, horse riders - and there is happy, safe co-existence.

As a Willaston resident, I have been very much looking forward to the Wirral Way being opened up for me (and other wheelchair/handbike users). If Mrs Jackson (Wirral Globe, Heswall and Neston edition June 16 and Mailbox last week) and other like minded people object to this, there are many other footpaths criss-crossing Wirral which are open to them, but not wheelchair friendly.

Although Willaston is a pleasant place to live, the pavements are impossible for me to use unaided and difficult with help.

I do hope that Wirral Way opponents will consider the needs of others, including cyclists, instead of thinking only of their own needs. I am sure that the appearance of the Way will improve with time, and the wildlife will, hopefully, return as it has in Delamere Forest.

Laurel Drive, Willaston.

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