From Jeremy Herbert, Media and Public Relations, Merseytravel:-

NO wonder the roads are clogged with polluting traffic if people follow the same blinkered road as "Fed Up Car Driver", of Heswall (Mailbox, June 30).

He says there are no trains and the buses are unreliable. Here is the real picture . . .

He could take the 71, 72 or 72D from Heswall bus station to Hamilton Square and then board a Merseyrail train to Liverpool (every five minutes). Or he could board the 417, 418 or 419, which run a reliable service from Heswall Mount into Liverpool City Centre every 15 minutes.

Or he could park and ride with the Mersey Ferry at Woodside, avoiding much of the pollution and congestion he is contributing to.

"Fed Up Car Driver" believes everyone else has to move out of his way. It's a mind set which he has locked himself into. The millions of children suffering from asthma are fed up, too . . . . so give them a break from such selfishness.

It's also worth noting that by encouraging people to drive in the bus lanes he is endangering other road users', cyclists' and pedestrians' lives.

Hatton Garden, Liverpool.

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