From Frank McCoy:-

IS Wirral Metropolitan College's Carlett Park site any more secure under the new management team?

Alarmingly, having attended the recent public meeting called by the Board of Governors, I fear the answer may be No.

It appears to me that the new board is too rapidly accepting that they alone should carry the burden of the years of mismanagement that led to the current massive debt. The fact of the matter is that it was also partially due to the Further Education Funding Council's failure to intervene.

Why should the people of Wirral alone pick up the debt for that failure?

To close Carlett Park would, however, be to tear the heart out of Eastham. The college is part of the local community and part of the local culture. I know at first hand the great number of people from the area who have accessed courses provided at Carlett Park over a good number of years.

I understand the new board have to find a way forward, but dispensing with Carlett Park is not it.

Beresford Ave, Bebington.

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