WIRRAL AC improved on their previous performance when the second round of the Northern Women's League Divison One was held amid rainy conditions at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.

They finished fifth, ahead of local rivals Liverpool Harriers. However, their overall placing is now seventh - and to remain in this division next year they need a stronger showing in the home match in August.

In fairness, Wirral were still missing athletes in key competitions, particularly distance running and high jump, a situation which caused members of the team to "double up" events.

Individual performances:-

Senior/Junior Women:-

100m Hurdles: Vicki Murphy (3A, 16.4secs); Kellie Smith (2B, 16.3secs).

400m Hurdles: Vicki Milne (2A, 72.2secs).

High Jump: Vicki Milne (3A, 1m 57cms); Stacey Cocker (1B, 1m 40cms);

Long Jump: Christine Lythgo (3B, 4m 26cms).

Shot: Jayne Molyneux (3A, 9m 67cms); Bev Jones (3B, 7m 09cms).


100m: Sian Pohill-Thomas (2A, 13.1secs); Kate Waters (3B, 13.6secs).

200m: Pam Cook (1A, 26.5secs); Sian Pohill-Thomas (1B, 27.6secs).

300m: Kate Waters (3A, 45.0secs); Sara Stephens (2B, 46.5secs).

80m Hurdles: Sian Pohill-Thomas (1A, 12.2secs); Pamela Cook (1B, 12.1secs).

300m Hurdles: Pamela Cook (1A,46.3secs); Melissa Tremarco (!B, 48.2secs).

Shot: Vicky Stewart (2B, 6.55m).


100m: Amy Cross (3B, 13.8secs).

75m Hurdles: Amy Cross (2A, 12.6secs); Sarah Evetts (1B, 12.9secs).

Discus: Debbie Guile (1A, 30m 50cms).

Javelin: Amy Cross (3A, 26m 55cms).

Shot: Debbie Guile (1A, 9m 68cms).

MEANWHILE, Wirral AC's senior men's team took top place in the second round of the Northern Men's League, finishing ahead of Trafford 'B' and West Cheshire.

Overall, they now occupy third position with eight points from two matches, three points behind Trafford. Again, there were some good performances with some "double" winners . . .

Mike Buntin, back from University, won both the 800m 'A' (1:57.9) and the 1500m 'A' (4:1.9), with team captain Paul Howarth winning the 'B' event at these two distances in 2:02.1 and 4:02.7, respectively.

Tony McDevitt (M45) took third place in the 5000m 'A' in a time of 15:52.0.

Phil Peerless won the 'B' 110m hurdles and came third in both the 'A' 400m hurdles and 'A' 3000m steeplechase, with Stephen McCain (Under-20) winning the 'B' steeplechase and also the 'A' pole vault (3.10m). Simon McDonald won the Under-20 pole vault and came second in the 'A' 400m (50.4secs).

Stephen Millward, also back from University, gained valuable points, taking second in 'A' high jump and 'B' triple jump, as well as the 'B' 400m. Phil Davies took maximum points in 'A' shot and discus, with Greg Johnson also taking first in the shot.

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