WEST KIRBY Company Director Jan Henry Price of Banks Road, West Kirby, has been disqualified from acting as a company director for seven years in the Birkenhead County Court. The order was made as a result of his conduct as a director of JP. Developments (Wirral) Ltd.

The company manufactured kitchens, bedrooms and fitments. Its last trading address was 84 Banks Road, West Kirby. The company was wound up on October 23, 1997, with an estimated deficiency of £91,021.

Mr Price was previously a director of Salva (North West) Ltd which was wound up on October 8, 1992, with an estimated deficiency as regards creditors of £163,754. Both companies traded under the name 'The Cupboard Company'.

Mr Price did not contest the proceedings and the court found him unfit to act as a director or be concerned in the management of a company that he:-

caused the company to trade using a prohibited name in contravention of Section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986, namely 'The Cupboard Company'; caused the company to trade without the provision of adequate working capital and the knowledge that the company's insolvency continued the company's business beyond a date when there was no reasonable prospect of all creditors being paid and thereby traded at the risk of those creditors, principally the Crown; misused the company's bank account and in doing so incurred avoidable charges totalling £4,070; and failed to ensure that the accounting records of the company were sufficient to explain all its transactions, contrary to to section 221 of the Companies act 1985, specifically that they are insufficient to explain the application of £16,914 apparently received between April and October 1997.

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