CONTROVERSY and uncertainty continue over the future of Spital crossroads.

News that the junction is to be upgraded has prompted many residents to contact the Engineers' Department of Wirral Council to voice their concerns over the safety of pedestrians should the present traffic lights be changed to a roundabout.

In response to this concern, and before the final decision is made, a computer-assisted analysis is taking place to look at all the options for the junction.

The council have said that all residents' views will be taken into account and all possible actions are fully evaluated.

In particular an option to modify the present traffic lights system is being examined to see if it could be fitted into the space available and to judge what effect it would have.

The council has also said that recent statements made locally that the roundabout idea has been scrapped are not correct.

As soon as the computer analysis is complete, the Engineers' Department will display their preferred option and any other viable alternatives for the public to see and comment upon.

Once a decision has been made, work is scheduled to take place before April next year.

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