CAMPAIGNING Malcolm Smith plans to address next Monday's full meeting of Wirral Council in the hope the penny will drop that public toilets are urgently needed in Higher Bebington and the park near the library.

"Since the toilets were demolished late last year at the Town Lane end, we have been without. Children as well as adults have to go behind the bushes. I find this totally unacceptable as it could put public health at risk," says the grandfather from Brackenwood Road.

Malcolm has the support of mothers using the play area in the park and has raised a petition of 450 names. He has also written to Wirral South MP Ben Chapman and spoken to Bebington councillor Jerry Williams.

He is pictured with supporters Sandra, Janette, Jackie, Carla and some of the youngsters using the playground.

"The council has a duty of care and I would like to see public toilets built integral with the the library extension," says Malcolm.

The penny certainly dropped with us during the story. It was a long walk back to Town Lane and the car!

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