WIRRAL butcher Stephen Muff has made a sausage to celebrate the Millennium called Ginger Spice, named after one of the tasty Spice Girls. Co-incidentally, it is launched during the week Posh Spice wed.

"The Globe suggested a sausage to celebrate Year 2000 when many families will be having parties. So I have come up with this lightly-spiced pork sausage, Ginger Spice, which is already out-selling all my other sausages. And this is only through word of mouth as Ginger Spice is only officially launched today in the Globe," says Stephen.

He is pictured with son John and dish of Ginger Spice, a pork sausage with a hint of spice and coriander.

Ginger Spice will be at many barbecues in Wirral this Summer and is already being supplied to top hotels in London

Stephen has won numerous international and national awards with his meat dishes including the Knight of the Black Pudding Order bestowed by French gourmets. He is now working on a new black pudding containing Parkgate shrimps, to do battle with the French

Meanwhile, Globe readers are the first people to be introduced to Ginger Spice. Bon appetite!

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