Prime Minister, Iain Duncan Smith and Charles Kennedy unite behind our campaign to help disabled children

Prime Minister Tony Blair has given his official backing to the Globe's Lyndale School sensory garden appeal.

The Premier took time out from his hectic schedule to commend all the efforts made so far to raise money towards the £30,000 target - and urged people to give more.

Our appeal also drew backing from Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith and from Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

It means that all three main political parties in Britain now back the Globe's appeal to raise money for some of our most deserving children with special needs.

The Westminster politicians' firm and welcome backing for our Lyndale appeal is all the more extraordinary considering the current situation between America and the United Kingdom over Iraq.

The Prime Minister is apparently at odds with many in the country, the world and within the Labour Party itself over his insistence on taking military action against the Gulf state.

Yet he was happy to draft a statement confirming his support for our appeal, which had already been brought to his attention by Wirral South's Labour MP Ben Chapman.

Mr Blair told the Globe: "I congratulate the Wirral Globe on making Lyndale School their charity of the year and on already raising so much money for the sensory garden.

"As Globe readers will know, I am passionately committed to improving children's education and to ensuring that children with special needs receive the help they deserve.

"Ben Chapman, who knows the school well, has told me what a wonderful place it is.

"I wish this appeal and everyone involved in it the best of luck and hope the children of Lyndale School will soon be enjoying their new garden."

Staff at Lyndale work hard to develop sensory learning techniques. Stimulating the children's senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste can bring them a new understanding of topics that pupils in standard education would learn through reading and writing.

Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith said: "A sensory garden for Lyndale School will give its children the chance to enjoy and learn about the world around them in a way that many of us take for granted.

"I am completely behind the Wirral Globe's campaign."

And Charles Kennedy, Liberal Democrat leader, said: "I am delighted to be able to send my best wishes to all at Lyndale School for the work that you are doing to set up a sensory garden. I hope you are successful in your endeavours."

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