A WIRRAL Labour MP has spoken about the possibility of working as a minister under a government led by Conservative leader David Cameron.

Birkenhead MP Frank Field told a Sunday newspaper how his "door will be open to any party" to discuss new ideas and developments.

He is reported in the Mail on Sunday as saying: "If the Tories want to talk to me about a job, I will be happy to.

"My door is open to any party to develop ideas. Tory, Liberal, or my own.

"I will always put the interests of my country and constituents before my party. I have never refused to speak to people on the other side."

He added: "I would love to be asked by the Prime Minister, especially my own, to take on a role to help convince the world we are serious about our debts, getting immigration under control, and reforming welfare. I am up for that challenge."

The Birkenhead Labour MP also expressed his fears about the country's future and the high level of unemployment, especially among young people.

According to Mr Field, the benefits system needs a major overhaul and local authorities should play a role by running apprentice schemes.

He said: "If you don't work, you don't get benefits.

"You say: 'here is a job, you have four weeks to get your head round it, and if you don't take it, no more benefits.'

"We should be ashamed that young people are rotting on lifetime pensions from the age of 18. We need to end this cycle of horror and deprivation."

Mr Field also has a new book out next week called "Saints and Heroes".

A statement from his publishers, SPCK, says: "Concerned with our Christian understanding of fairness and religious motivations in politics, this is a fascinating insight to what spurs Frank on in his fearless pursuit of justice."