A DVD capturing a unique performance of Wirral synth pioneers OMD in full flight with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is released next month.

The film is a recording of their acclaimed show in June, when Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, backed by the 75-piece orchestra and the evocative video images of filmmaker Hambi, played a one-off concert at the Philharmonic Hall.

OMD performed favourites from their back catalogue reworked for the orchestra by lead singer Andy McCluskey and OMD co-founder Paul Humphreys.

The show also featured their collaborative audio-visual installation "The Energy Suite."

Their hit-laden set, with classics such as Enola Gay and Joan of Arc, and some exclusive firsts, such as the debut live outing of Radio Prague, is captured on "Electricity: OMD with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra."

The band’s determination to use the entire orchestra to maximum effect saw Andy and Paul abandoning almost all the original instrumentation in favour of complete re-workings of the song arrangements.

The show is aided by Hambi’s commanding film backdrop, with the imagery adding to the dramatic impact of the music.

The Energy Suite emerged from an 1980s' idea formed around the time OMD recorded "Stanlow," an epic musical soundscape which features ambient recordings from the refinery.

The imposing views of Stanlow at night fuelled their interest for industrial architecture, a passion which was shared by artist and Factory Records partner Peter Saville.

It wasn’t until Andy and Peter, aided by Hambi, created The Energy Suite for an exhibition at Liverpool's new media gallery FACT last year, that their ideas finally found an outlet.

The Energy Suite, composed by Andy with his long-time musical collaborator Stuart Kershaw, centres around Hambi's striking and often haunting video imagery of five power generating sites in the North West.

The DVD gig will be available on general release from December 14.

For pre-orders visit the FACT website: http://shop.fact.co.uk/

To see a five-minute clip of the DVD, click the link below.