A FURIOUS MP has attacked the RSPCA after a pensioner who ran a voluntary animal shelter was banned from keeping animals.

Birkenhead MP Frank Field defended the reputation of Pat Seager on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4, accusing the charity of having an “unjust” policy on animal cruelty prosecutions.

He also told the BBC that her case was not uncommon and that the RSPCA needs to look “seriou-sly” at its prosecution policy and should put pressure on its council to change it.

“We need organisations like the RSPCA to properly protect and promote animal welfare and this isn’t the way to do it,” said Mr Field.

Seventy-one-year-old Mrs Seager has been banned from keeping animals for three years with the exception of cats, dogs and grey squirrels.

Mrs Seager, of Green Lawn, Rock Ferry, who has taken in strays for the past 40 years, pleaded guilty of failing to meet the needs of animals in her care.

Mr Field wrote a letter to magistrates to be read out in court in support of the pensioner, which said: “I believe the RSPCA has grossly mistreated you and now finds it difficult to back off.”

The letter was not read out in court.

Sophie Corless, of the RSPCA, told the Globe: “The RSPCA is disappointed it is unable to reach agreement with Mr Field in this matter, and is surprised at his stance.”