MEMBERS of The Freedom Alliance Party on Wirral say they were 'heartened' by the public's support during the recent General Election campaign.

Catherine Evans, the Wirral party leader, was parliamentary candidate for Birkenhead constituency and Ian Pugh, executive committee member, was up for election in Wallasey.

Following the election campaign Catherine Evans received 324 votes, with Ian Pugh on 197.

Labour's Alison McGovern, Angela Eagle and Matthew Patrick were declared Wirral MPs in the early hours of Friday morning.

Praising the public's support in a joint statement, Freedom Alliance's Catherine Evans and Ian Pugh said: "We would like to thank the 521 people who voted for us across Birkenhead and Wallasey.

"It was our first ever general election and we are heartened by the faith the public showed in us.

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"We will continue to campaign on the issues we focussed on: fighting against unnecessary Net Zero policies, defending the use of cash, challenging illiberal restrictions and improving NHS and Social Care Reform, tackling the Cost of Living Crisis, and much more. We have been out on the streets, listened to the public and attracted new supporters.

"We take the views and concerns of the public seriously and they will be reflected in our ongoing policy making and campaigning. If you would like to get involved visit

"We wish our new Labour MPs well and will be reminding them of their duty to represent the people and protect our freedoms and rights.

"We are concerned that not enough people believe in the democratic process or engage in the voting process.

"Whether you voted or not, we urge the public to make contact with their MPs on matters that concern them. We have not been elected but feel free to contact us, too."