A NUMBER of UFO sightings have been reported in Cheshire West over the past two years.

New data from a UFO sightings database has been released, with several sightings being attributed to the Chester area.

UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, are often defined as mysterious phenomena seen in the sky for which it is claimed no orthodox scientific explanation can be found. They can even be presumed to be a vehicle for extraterrestrials.

UFO Identified collates yearly reports of UFO sightings, with descriptions of the observed object, the duration of the sighting and video evidence (where available).

In total, nine incidents of UFO sightings were reported in Cheshire West during 2023 and three in 2024.

Of these nine, three were located in the Chester area.

Several others were also witnessed in Warrington, Runcorn and Winsford.

UFO sightings in Chester and Ellesmere Port

During 2023, there were three reported sighting logged by UFO Identified.

The first incident from the new reports was witnessed at 6.30pm on September 4, 2023 when a silver ‘tic-tac’ shaped object was seen moving at a very slow but constant speed in a southerly direction before fading away.

The experience with this cylindrical shape was said to have lasted about three minutes, however no video evidence is available.

On 11 December, a star-like object is said to have been seen ‘pulsating and moving silently’ before disappearing in one corner of the sky, followed by up to twenty more lights.

The incident was witnessed by two people in the Ellesmere Port area.

It is believed to have happened over a 15-minute period, but no video evidence is available.

The National UFO Reporting Centre also has this incident on file in which the observer says: “I saw a star moving across the sky but it was pulsating and silently moving towards a particular area of the sky then disappeared. Then another one followed shortly after doing the same thing and disappeared. I just kept on seeing them, last count was 20.”

On March 24, 2024, there was the third and final sighting from the 2023/24 report.

A ‘huge metallic object’ following the contrail of a jet was seen by two witnesses at around 5pm near Chester.

The object is said to have followed the jet before stopping, moving in several directions and then ‘shooting upwards’. This is said to have lasted for around 15 seconds in total.

A longer report from the National UFO Reporting Centre elaborates: “Looked up at passenger head heading roughly eastwards. Saw what looked like huge object following contrail. Object stopped suddenly. Object then changed to movement in the opposite direction.

“It sped up and slowed down in different directions several times. It was then static for a second or two before shooting upwards at incredible speed. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is not far away. They must have this on radar, as will the many aircraft in the sky at the time.”

Have you ever seen any unexplained phenomena in the night sky?

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