NEWLY elected MP for Ellesmere Port and Bromborough Justin Madders said the public had vote “decisively for change” in his acceptance speech this morning (Friday, July 5).

Mr Madders, speaking at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village, won his seat with 24,186 votes, a 16,908-vote majority on the second-place candidate, Michael Alfred of Reform UK (7,278 votes).

Mr Madders said that voters had rejected the “chaos and destruction” of the last 14 years which had come “not a moment too soon.”

He added that a “self-serving sticking plaster” approach had become the hallmark of successive Tory governments and that there was now a need to restore public trust in politicians and the democratic process.

He said: “Distrust in politicians is at an all-time high and there is a sense that we are all in it for ourselves and cannot deliver on promises made.

“Well, that approach has led to the near destruction of the Conservative party tonight and their downfall from a landslide victory four and a half years ago to what we see this evening.

“It should be a clear warning that nothing less than a total focus on delivery is required as well as restoring public support and faith in public service.”

He added: “I think integrity in politics is vital as one of the many important ingredients of the next four years because if we cannot rebuild people’s faith in democratic process then we cannot ever become a healed nation.

“We have too much division in the country at the moment and that has to change.”

Mr Madders said that as Prime Minister Kier Starmer would face “more challenges than any peacetime leader” but that he was confident that the Labour leader would rise to those challenges.

He concluded: “Let’s celebrate tonight the fact that we are probably going to get over 200 more Labour MP in parliament and at long, long last we are going to get another Labour government.”

The election has seen a landslide victory for Labour, with 412 seats to the Conservatives 121.

Elsewhere in Cheshire West Sam Dixon (LAB) was elected as MP for Chester North and Neston whilst Aphra Brandreth (CON) was elected as MP for Chester South and Eddisbury.