A WIRRAL teacher who had sex with two teenage schoolboys has been jailed for six-and-a-half years.

“Sexual predator” Rebecca Joynes, 30, was found guilty by a jury at Manchester Crown Court in May of six sex offences following a two-week trial.

She was sentenced at the same court today (Thursday, July 4). 

Joynes, of Pensby Road, Thingwall, had groomed the pupils from the age of 15 and was on bail for sexual activity with the first, Boy A, when she began having sex with the second, Boy B, by whom she went on to become pregnant.

Neither boy can be identified.

Rebecca Joynes arrives at Manchester Crown CourtRebecca Joynes arrives at Manchester Crown Court (Image: PA)

Parents of both boys watched as Joynes, wearing a gold necklace, black padded jacket and with blonde highlights in her hair, visibly shook and broke down in tears as she was jailed at Manchester Crown Court.

Passing sentence, Judge Kate Cornell told the defendant: “There is a breath taking arrogance in your conduct.

“You were the adult.

“You were the person in control, the person who should have known better and entrusted by the school and the boys and by their parents of caring for their sons.

“Instead, you abused that position of trust and exploited the privileged role for your own sexual gratification.”

Joynes had been found guilty by a jury of six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being a person in a position of trust, following a two-week trial at the court in May.

Judge Cornell said Joynes was a “high achiever” who had thrown her career away and had her baby taken away from her through her own actions.

She continued: “From the outside it may be easy to fall into the misconception these boys were not victims.

“It may be asked what 15-year-old boy would not want to have sex with an older, attractive teacher? Surely they would be up for it. How can this be a crime?

“Well Miss Joynes, there is no doubt this is a crime. Both boys were very much victims, obviously unworldly and vulnerable to the advances from an older attractive woman.

“You felt buoyed and boosted by their attention.

“You were the one with the car, the flat, the money, the life experience.

“There’s no real insight from you, you continue to deny the offences and have been silent on the distressing impact on these boys.”