RESIDENTS have shared their “disgust” after piles of rubbish were found dumped on a Wirral road.

Furniture, plants, children’s toys, and general rubbish were amongst items that had been fly-tipped on Brimstage Lane on Friday, June 21.

Sharing pictures of the rubbish on Facebook, a resident labelled the illegal dumping as “disgusting”.

Children's toys and plants were among the discarded rubbishChildren's toys and plants were among the discarded rubbish (Image: Facebook)

They said: “Was driving down Brimstage Lane earlier. This had just been dumped. Someone must know where this came from. Disgusted this has happened again.”

The images were met by shared outrage from residents.

One person said: “That’s not just disgusting, it's bloody dangerous part way on a road, and a narrow lane too.”

Rubbish was dumped in the middle of the roadRubbish was dumped in the middle of the road (Image: Facebook)

Another said: “The official tip is just minutes away that's so disreputable for everyone should get made to clear or up and get A very heavy fine on the spot.”

A third added: “Why not go the Brimstage tip it's only around the corner. Strange people who got money to have a van and run it on the road and use it like a dumping machine should lose your license for that.”

‘Disgusting’ fly tipping left on Wirral road‘Disgusting’ fly tipping left on Wirral road (Image: Facebook)

Another comment said: “Most of it could be reused or recycled by the looks of it. Such a waste and irresponsible.”

A Wirral Council spokesperson said: “Fly-tipping on public land is an issue we take very seriously due to the impact it has on people’s quality of life and the cost in environmental as well as financial terms.

“Residents are encouraged to report all incidents of fly-tipping to the council at the earliest opportunity.

"Reports are logged and Environmental Enforcement Officers will follow-up with an inspection seeking evidence linking it to an offender.

"We will always seek to prosecute anyone who we can prove has tipped on public land.

"Reports are also passed over immediately to Wirral’s street cleansing contractor, Biffa, to remove the waste according to priority.”