WHEN it comes to getting inked, what’s your favourite design?

A small heart or cross, a significant date or name, or maybe you’d opt for something bigger like a lion or tiger.

How about a Celtic design with knots and scrolls or a nautical themed tattoo with stars that has grown in popularity in recent years.

So far in our Best of 2024 competition, we’ve searched for Wirral’s best in nine categories.

We’ve looked at hair, nails and fitness as well as pies, roast dinner and fish and chips, with awards for breakfast, cocktails and beer gardens.

This week, it’s tattoos and we know it will be no easy feat to choose a winner which is why we’ll be handing over the final decision to those who know best – our readers.

Now we need your help to choose the winner from our 10 shortlisted nominees.

There are three ways to vote:

1. Search for the Best for Tattoos shortlists post on our Wirral Globe Facebook or Twitter pages and comment under the post with the name of your winner = 1 vote

2. Name your favourite in the comments section on this article via our website = 2 votes

3. Purchase a copy of this week’s Wirral Globe (Wednesday, June 26 edition) and fill in the entry form = 5 votes

(*NB For newspaper entries, email a screenshot of the completed entry form to heidi.summerfield@newsquest.co.uk – please note that only original copies will be accepted. More than one entry can be submitted per person but you will be asked to provide your own unique reference code for each entry to avoid duplication eg if your name is Smith you may wish to write Smith123 or HS21! as your code. You will need to provide a different code for each different coupon submitted. For full terms and conditions go to Newsquest.co.uk/terms-conditions)

Voting officially opens today, Thursday, and closes at midnight on Sunday, June 30 and we will be announcing the winner next week.

Keep an eye out for our next Best of appeal on our social media pages on Friday.


Joe Little Tattoo

Joe Little Tattoo

Joe Little, Eastham Village Road, Eastham

Happy customers say “he is a phenomenal artist whose work speaks for itself” and “the only person I trust as his work is unbelievable”.

For more details go to facebook.com/profile.php?id=100060053233059

Quill & Kraken Tattoo

Quill & Kraken Tattoo

Quill and Kraken Tattoo, West Kirby

Recommendations say this is “a friendly place with well mannered tattooists producing top quality work”.

One nominator added: “There’s no need to go anywhere else – they can do it all.”

For more details go to facebook.com/quillandkrakentattoo

Speakeasy Tattoo Studio

Speakeasy Tattoo Studio

Speakeasy Tattoo Studio, Wallasey Road, Liscard

One nomination said: “I voted for them last year and I wanted to do it again this year.

“When I say these three girls work hard, they really do!

“The dedication and talent they have is next level.

“They always go above and beyond and I am proud to show off their artwork.”

For more details go to instagram.com/shannonrosespeakeasy

Beyond The Pines

Beyond The Pines

Beyond The Pines, Upton Road, Birkenhead

Happy clients say “this is a cracking studio with some amazing and very talented artists”.

One added: “Every time I’ve been, the tattoos always come out so much better than I imagined.”

For more details go to facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084805083945

Just Tattoos

Just Tattoos

Just Tattoos, Oxton Road, Birkenhead

One emotional poster said: “After my precious Gizmo passed away, Steve at Just Tattoos did his portrait for me.

“It’s amazing and made my dream come true.

“Gizmo is always with me now.”

For more details go to facebook.com/justtattoos23

Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy Tattoos, Borough Road, Wallasey

Recommendations say “they are amazing at their craft” and “not only are they incredible artists, but they will make you feel so comfortable during your time getting tattooed”.

Another said: “Hands down the best tattoo shop.”

For more details go to facebook.com/Galaxytattoouk

Babygirl Tattoo

Babygirl Tattoo

Babygirl Tattoo, Golden Hour Tattoo Studio

One nomination said: “I have had several tattoos done here and they are all wonderful.

“They consult you on your design from start to finish and make adjustments where needed.

“Highly recommend them.”

For more details go to facebook.com/babygirltattoopage

Nomad Ink

Nomad Ink

Nomad Ink, Seaview Road, Wallasey

This popular place took last year’s Best for Tattoos – can they make it two in a row?

Happy customer say “without a doubt it’s Nomad Ink” and “Nomad Ink by a mile”.

For more details go to facebook.com/nomad.ink.uk

The Holy Mackerel Tattoo Cafe

The Holy Mackerel Tattoo Cafe

The Holy Mackerel Tattoo Café, Seabank Road, New Brighton

One nomination said: “Ged and Jessie are excellent professional tattoo artists.”

Another said: “Both artists are amazing.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

For more details go to facebook.com/HolyMackerelTattooCafe



Numinous Tattoo, Grange Road West, Birkenhead

One recommendation said: “100 per cent the best tattooists in Wirral.

“They have the best quality designs, ink and equipment.”

Another said: “These are definitely the best!”

For more details go to facebook.com/NuminousTattooStudio