RNLI's Hoylake lifeboat crew have caught the moment their vessel was surrounded by dolphins. 

"Stunning" and "wonderful" footage captured by the crew on Sunday (June 16) showed large pod of bottlenose dolphins in Liverpool Bay .

A post on Hoylake RNLI's Facebook page read: "There was an incredible sight for Hoylake RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crew today when they found themselves in amongst a large pod of bottlenose dolphins out in Liverpool Bay!

"The curious cetaceans surrounded the lifeboat and began swimming alongside, riding the boat's bow wave and playing in its wake.

"After capturing this incredible footage, the lifeboat quickly moved on from the area to continue crew training and to let the dolphins feed in peace."

The video attracted a lot of comments.

Among them was Shirley Davies who wrote: "What an experience x"

Šumska Sova put: "Amazing" 

Lorraine King wrote: "Wow! A real perk for people who do such an amazing job! Wonderful." 

Sandra Kettiros wrote: "Amazing . . . . What a sight . . . . how lucky you were." 

Steve Ste commented: "Should have jumped in. I love swimming with dolphins. Done it many times."

Rita Hughes wrote: "Fantastic. Amazing to see. It just makes you feel better to see these beautiful creatures make such a fuss of us. Love it. Thank you for posting. X"

Jackie Colebourne wrote; "Wow absolutely amazing picture in Liverpool bay".

Jo Howard commented: "What a glorious sight x"

Susan Lockley wrote: "So amazing" 

Neil Beddows commented: "Beautiful and I wish I was there too."

Barbara Baker wrote: "Great video!"

Linda Wareing commented: "Wonderful footage"

Megan Hardy wrote: "That would have been my dream" 

A Hoylake RNLI spokesperson told the Globe: "The crew was thrilled to spot the dolphins swimming and feeding in the region's waters, as it's not a sight they see routinely through training or rescues.

"It was a treat to see the dolphins coming over to investigate the lifeboat and even more impressive when they decided to ride the bow wave.

"Bottlenose dolphins have been spotted in this region alongside other marine mammals such as porpoises and grey seals.

"There can be up to a few dozen dolphins in a pod, with the crew spotting about 10-15 above the water.

"RNLI crew often work closely with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) in the North West, a charity whose medics rescue stranded marine mammals, and it is not the first time Hoylake RNLI has encountered dolphins.

"Hoylake and New Brighton RNLI supported the BDMLR in rescuing two dolphins that had become stranded on the banks of the River Mersey in 2023".