RENOWNED chef Paul Askew 'wowed' diners when he took over the kitchen at an exclusive Wirral supper club for “one night only”.

Local fine dining fans headed to LOST last Thursday night to experience all the magic of Liverpool's celebrated ‘The Art School’ restaurant.

Guests were treated to a "world-class menu packed full of the finest local produce", matched with "leading wines from some of the most celebrated vineyards in Europe".

LOST is housed in stone farm buildings, dating back to the early 18th century, at Claremont Farm in Bebington.

Its owner, Dave Loughlin said Paul's takeover night had been the pinnacle of the venue's eclectic 'supper club' concept to date.

He added: "Persuading Paul to come over to LOST with his incredible ‘The Art School’ concept has been at the top of our wish list since day one.

"To see the level of food he and his team delivered from our small kitchen, the magic of the service and the amazing feedback from guests, was really quite something, and we can’t thank him enough for agreeing to collaborate with us." 

The night, described by the organisers as a sell-out, has been a highlight of the venue's ever-changing dining calendar.

Chef Askew has confirmed he will return to LOST in July, this time with his acclaimed Barnacle restaurant.

He said: "We have really loved working with the team at LOST and for me, it's been very special to be back here on 'home turf' with my amazing team, doing what we love, in such a stunning venue.

"We can't wait to see what our lovely Wirral guests think of Barnacle when we head back over the water on July 19.

"It will be a more informal dining experience, packed with global flavours but still showcasing the incredible local growers and produce we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep." 

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