ON a cold June night the atmosphere inside the sold-out Liverpool Empire was warm, inviting and all-embracing.

People of all ages were beaming in expectation and some children sported flashing Mickey Mouse ears. I wish I'd bought a pair.

The stage was set with a giant projection screen showing a vast array of household name animation stars.

And in silhouette there was Walt Disney and the creation that started the ball rolling - Mr M Mouse.

Conductor David Mahoney then took the audience on a magic carpet journey.

It was a ticket ride back through all our childhoods up to the present day.

The on-stage Novello Orchestra were faultless in accompanying clips from classic movies that we all know and love.

We were all gathered to celebrate 100 years of Disney in 100 minutes - including an old-fashioned intermission.

This was a hit last year and is now on a UK tour with 'one night only' performances in each venue.

I hope this production will return because if there was ever a show to cover all life's emotions it's here.

It appeals to everyone . . . with something for everyone.

Disney princesses, heroes and villains, tears and laughter and music that is perfectly-pitched.

Clips and montages from Disney classics are aided by footage of Walt himself - forever the grown-up child encouraging us all to dream.

What a legacy he has left us.

We could see inspired pencil drawings on the big screen come to life and turn into the real movie characters welcoming stars from The Little Mermaid to Pinocchio.

And all the while we were awash with the sounds and memories from unforgettable classic films such as Jungle Book, Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King.

And many more recent smash hits.

The show naturally flies by and you want it to go on and on.

I went home wanting to see the whole Disney back-catalogue.

I was a kid again The Sound of Magic is a sparkling tribute to a century of a creative genius who wanted people to have something to take their minds of a very serious world.

He achieved it and still does.

David Mahoney and the Orchestra enjoyed a standing ovation.

Mickey and Co could take a bow, too.

Clearly moved by the audience reaction, David said: 'see you again.'

I do hope so. I'll get flashing ears next time...

You can't get too much Disney.

VERDICT: Timeless.

Five stars

Details from Disneyticketsco.uk