A NEW photo shows what a controversial new Lidl store in Wirral could look like.

The supermarket chain has unveiled plans for a new store near the Arrowe Park Road roundabout in Upton and has been sending out letters to people in the area. The company said it “would like to bring a brand-new, sustainable store to Upton, offering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.”

However for the development to go ahead, Lidl needs to get Wirral Council to agree to sell off land the local authority owns, which will be used for parking as well as get planning approval. However the sale of the land has been rejected twice, most recently in December 2023.

This was because of traffic concerns at the roundabout, the loss of mature trees, public footpaths, and the impact on independent shops in Upton village. Previous proposals in 2020 to sell the land to Lidl had been opposed by 1,400 people and councillors said people had demonstrated an “overwhelming strength of feeling” on the latest offer.

On a new website, Lidl said the new plans “provides a great opportunity to do so, linking to existing footpaths and cycle routes and offering greater choice to local shoppers” and expects any impact on Upton’s high street “to be minimal” pointing to nearby supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s.

A Lidl spokesperson said: “We want those living in the area to have their say, and would encourage people to share their thoughts.”

The supermarket chain said the new store would provide around 40 full time and part time roles, 95 parking spaces, electric chargers, and improved footpaths. It has already bought the former fire station in Upton next door to the council land.

If the council had sold the land in December, it would have made £840,000 and the new store would bring in around £160,000 a year in business rates for the local authority.