THE word is . . . electrifying

No better time to give Grease a chance...

A new revival of the hit Broadway stage show is currently on a UK and Ireland 2024 tour.

A huge cast of 24 very talented individuals bring this 50s tale of nostalgia, identity, and teenage romance to life.

When audiences arrive at the venue they are greeted by atmospheric neon lights and back projections of 50s culture aided by a radio soundtrack of pop songs.

It's an ideal scene-setter.

This version is loyal to the original 1971 Chicago-based story.

It went on to New York with all it's rough edges spruced up and it never looked back.

There was a 1978 Hollywood film treatment and since then it has been a theatrical mainstay in theatres across the globe.

Comparisons will always be made with the John Travolta and Olivia Newton John movie as the courting couple -  Danny and Sandy who meet over Summer Nights and later become 'an item' at High School.

Danny prefers to be indifferent while Sandy holds a candle to the leather-clad Lothario.

Their ongoing will they...won't storyline provides the backdrop to the competitive dances and fast cars of their non-school life. 

And this is where Greased Lightning the car comes in.

The song dedicated to the cool mobile is a highlight with some outstanding choreography and special effects.

Director Nikolai Foster is in full command of her exciting ensemble.

And Arlene Philips sure knows how to get the best out of all dancers with so many dazzling routines.

Marley Fenton shows lots of vulnerability as our hero Danny while Hope Dawe finds feistiness along the way as the likable sweet girl turned bad girl, Sandy.

With more than a nod to West Side Story, we see gang warfare between the Burger Palace  Boys (in the film they are the T-Birds) and the unseen Flaming Dukes.

The Pink Ladies meanwhile - led by Betty Rizzo - add much comedic and emotional balance throughout.

Rebecca Stenhouse shines as street-wise Rizzo.

It's a very good-looking and sounding two and a half hour show.

All the songs are here Hopelessly Devoted to You, We Go Together, Sandra Dee and, of course, You're The One That I Want.

The real star of this high-energy celebration is the consistently stunning and superb dancing leading up to a magical megamix finale.

4 Stars

Sizzling and Sparkling

Until Saturday