The inclusive circus Circus Starr has announced its return to Ellesmere Port.

This time it will be different from previous years, as it will take place indoors and not in the traditional Big Top Tent, influenced by rising costs and logistical challenges.

Despite these changes, the community interest company (CIC) is determined to provide an accessible show, thereby ensuring that the target families would not miss performance.

Circus Starr, operating uniquely from a commercial circus, alters their event format to cater to the specific needs of their audience.

Wirral Globe:

Modifications include reducing noise levels, dimming lights, providing sensory packs, and offering free tickets.

The CIC organises this whole event using generous donations received from community-driven businesses in the area.

Wirral Globe: The circus does things differently for their audiences

The 2024 production aims to entertain the vulnerable and disabled children present at the show and is set to feature the comeback of Ringmistress Mariska Gandey.

Appearing alongside Gandey will be the amusing Brazilian clown, Lukinha, and an array of acrobatic feats courtesy of the charismatic Fingers Crossed.

Michelle Crossley, the fundraising director at Circus Starr said: "We love sharing our magical art form with those who usually miss out!

"I am so happy that we can still share a fabulous show with the community, despite the challenges we are currently facing.

"Thank you so much to all the businesses who have helped us continue our valuable work in their town."

To hold their inclusive events, Circus Starr relies on donations.

They approach businesses in the areas they visit about covering the cost of a child’s ticket.

Additionally, they welcome contributions from any individuals wishing to make a difference.

The shows are scheduled on Thursday, June 6, at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall with two slots, one at 4.45 pm and the other at 7 pm.