SCHOOL-RUN parents have blasted residents for blocking roads and parking slots outside a Wirral school.

Parents dropping their children off at West Kirby Grammar School have expressed their concerns over “dangerous behaviours” on Graham Road.

In a complaint put to Wirral Council, they argued that people from neighbouring properties have been “obstructing” the road to the school by using cones to block people from parking.

Wirral Globe: Cones can be seen on the roadCones can be seen on the road (Image: NQ)

The report said: “As parents we are very worried about our children's safety on Graham Road.

"I am reporting that the individuals from the neighbouring properties have been recently obstructing the road and available parking slots on Graham Road illegally. 

“I am concerned gravely that this will cause dangerous behaviours on the road to school and may cause harm to students and teachers travelling to and from school.

“Please could you intervene as soon as possible. This is a busy school and the neighbours are causing the potential and avoidable danger to the children.

“Please note this has already been reported on the Wirral Council Website and at the school but the problem continues.”

A spokesperson for Wirral Council told the Globe: "The Council's road safety officers have been working closely with the school, parents, ward members and residents to review options and possible measures that could assist in managing the competing parking demands that this and many other residential roads face that have school entrances on them.

“All stakeholders have been very supportive in our endeavours to find a workable solution."