NEW Brighton Lifeboat Station's newest helmsman didn't have long to wait for his first shout in charge after taking up the role.

Adam Bidston, who has been with the station for five and a half years, was passed out as a helmsman on the station’s Atlantic 85 B class lifeboat during a ceremony earlier this month. 

Adam, the latest addition to the command team, didn't have to wait long for his first shout as a new helm, taking command of an incident that came in a few days later. 

The crew was called out to reports of a paddle board floating out into a navigation channel.

The incident was resolved quickly and efficiently and the lifeboat returned to service shortly afterwards.

Wirral Globe: Adam Bidston and the New Brighton Lifeboat Station crew that helped him pass out on the dayAdam Bidston and the New Brighton Lifeboat Station crew that helped him pass out on the day (Image: RNLI / Connor Wray)Adam, who joined the crew in January 2019 and served through the difficult Covid-19 pandemic, said: "I'm really proud to become New Brighton’s newest Helm.

"This massive achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support, assistance, and dedication of all the crew and operational team at New Brighton.

"I'm looking forward to continuing to help New Brighton RNLI thrive in my new role". 

The time since he joined have been described by the station's crew as "some of the busiest years that New Brighton RNLI have ever had".

Adam's training throughout that time has been "extensive", covering all aspects of crewing the lifeboat as well as taking command, which he is now qualified to do on service when a shout comes in.

For anybody unfamiliar with the role, the helm is a vital part of an inshore lifeboat’s crew.

They take command of the vessel when on the water, as a Coxswain does on the all-weather lifeboats, and are responsible for decision-making and maintaining the safety of the vessel and crew at all times.

Away from his lifeboat duties Adam is a cable ship captain, which takes him all over the world.

Ian Thornton, lifeboat operations manager at New Brighton, said: "It is a proud day for the station indeed that Adam has passed out as helm.

"He has shown a fantastic commitment to the station since he joined and has shown wonderful drive and ability to reach this point.

"It puts the station in a stronger position having Adam in a command role."