WORK to tackle the "reoccurring problem" of rubbish being dumped on a Wirral street's bins is underway this week.

Pictures sent to the Globe show bins piled high with bags of household waste outside properties on Grange Place in Birkenhead. The rubbish is also strewn on the pavement

Wirral Globe: The council has been in talks with property's owners and confirmed a plan is in place to address these issues.

A resident who lives near the property told the Globe: "It is a reoccurring problem.

"I do not think it's just the occupants of the flats as other people see a pile of rubbish and think it is OK to dump on top.

"I have complained many times about this to the council as have several of my good neighbours."

A council spokesperson said: "Officers met with the new owners this week and there is a plan in place to address these issues, which will include the owners providing new bins and space for them to be stored within the boundaries of the property, rather than on the street.

"The existing rubbish should be cleared by the end of this week."

Wirral Globe: