RESIDENTS in a Wirral cul-de-sac are said to be "furious" over planned road surfacing work they fear will look like an "eyesore".

'Cosmetic' repair work, which will see black asphalt laid on Limehurst Grove in Bromborough began on April 14 and is being carried out by a sub-contractor working for Keely Contractors . 

It has been described as "preventative maintenance" which residents don't feel is necessary.

Among them is Roy Holmes,  who told the Globe: "There's nothing wrong with the road. What they are doing will leave it looking a complete eyesore. 

"Why is the council wasting Tax paperers  money on a minor cut-de - sac that doesn’t need it?

"In my opinion and that of the other residents, the road has not deteriorated in the period of 30 years of of existence to the extent it requires immediate attention.

"Will the road be serviceable for another ten or 15 years without any further action? The answer is probably yes.

"Apparently, they are going to proceed with the repairs and follow up with another surfacing in a few weeks time."

Mr Holmes continued: "It is a typical example of a council wasting money on unnecessary work when there are other more demanding requirements across the borough."

He added that no prior notice that this work was to be carried out on Limehurst Grove.  He said: "Under different circumstances I would’ve insisted that the work be postponed. I also took the opportunity to walk up Bettisfield Road to look at the poor standard of cosmetic repair that’s been done on the pavement in that road.

"After only a matter of weeks the weeds are growing through the bitumen over-layer that has been applied.

"This is an absolute joke. The weeds will in no time whatsoever break up this new surfacing and it will be in a worse condition that it has done it was prior to the work being carried out."

A Wirral Council spokesperson said: "The work undertaken to date on Limehurst Grove is patching, which is preparation work ahead of a full surface dressing and application of LockChip, which will provide waterproofing and increased durability against defects, cracks and potholes.

"This work is necessary as the current road surface is degrading and starting to break up.

"Once the surface dressing work has been scheduled, we will inform residents by letter explaining the process.

"There will also be signage going up as the road will be closed for a short time to allow the treatment to take place."