A PODCAST hosted by two Wirral women is returning for a second series.

This is Awkward, launched in 2023 and hosted by Lyanne Nicholl and Kristy MacLeod, is dedicated to tackling life’s most awkward conversations.

Each episode focuses on a stand-alone topic and features a special guest who is on hand to offer their unique professional insight and personal experience.

Lyanne said: “The impact of the first series has been amazing and it’s had a real impact on me personally.

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“Our episode on how to have embarrassing discussions with your GP led to me biting the bullet and going to my own GP about symptoms I’d been suffering with for over 20 years.

“As a result, I have now received a diagnosis of endometriosis, which has been a massive breakthrough for me.

“It just goes to show the real impact it can have when we pluck up the courage to have difficult conversations.”

Each hour-long episode considers what it is about certain topics that make them so hard to talk about, plus what other people can do to help make their own challenging chats go more smoothly.

The latest series covers burning issues such as: How to talk about politics – with Gina Miller, The menopause – with Dr Charlotte Gooding, Money money money – with Peter Komolafe and Joe Huston, Different parenting styles – with Dr Emma Svanberg, Intimacy after having kids – with Clio Wood and Talking about death – with Dr Kath Fielder.

Kristy added: “The response to Series One has bowled us over, so we’re really excited to announce the release of series two.

“We know from the incredible reactions we’ve had since the series launched, that having awkward conversations is universal.

“We hope that by bringing our experts on board to help with offering hints and tips, there will be something in there that everyone can benefit from.”

The latest series of ‘This Is Awkward’, plus all the previous episodes is out now and can be found here, or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts.