A MUSICIAN has released an updated version of a single inspired by a visit to a well-known Wirral road.

Tim Blackburn's New Chester Road Revisited was released this week on Bandcamp.

The 59-year-old, who performs under the name ‘Mistrust’, wrote and recorded lots of electronic pop songs on a synth and drum machine at home when he was young but never sent them to anyone.

He also did a few home recordings after that but didn't do much until he got a PC in the early 2000s.

From 2008 onwards, Tim was asked to do some official dub remixes for a few bands and artists, including one for Tom Bailey of 1980s band the Thompson Twins. One of the remixes got into the top 30 radio airplay charts in New Zealand.

On his latest work, he told the Globe: "New Chester Road Revisited takes the listener on a journey down the road of the same name, from Birkenhead to Chester via Port Sunlight.

"It's both an ode to this well-known route, and a metaphor about looking back on life and how things are no longer the same, but never really change."

Wirral Globe: The cover of 'New Chester Road Revisited'The cover of 'New Chester Road Revisited' (Image: courtesy of Tim Blackburn)The song is an updated, "revisited" version of the one that appeared on the his album Sunlight which was released in 2023.

After playing it live a few times during 2023, Tim felt that the song didn't quite fit in with the overall synth pop sound of the rest of the tracks on Sunlight.

After a few changes including making the song more upbeat, New Chester Road Revisited had its live debut at the Future Showcase at Future Yard in Birkenhead, in November 2023.

New Chester Road Revisited is available to download and stream now on streaming service Bandcamp, and will be available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms on May 24.

The song will also be included on the forthcoming album Sunlight Revisited, which includes reworked versions of songs on the Artist's debut album Sunlight.