DELAYS to grass cutting in parts of Moreton and Saughall Massie have created ‘eye sore grass verges’ according to one of the local councillors.

Councillor Vida Wilson said: "Once again, we see grass verges in Moreton and Saughall Massie being left uncut.

"Some of these roads did not receive the final cut of 2023 either and now, in 2024, they have also missed their first cut of the year.

"The effect is an eye sore along many residential roads and, if they are cut, there will be mounds of grass blowing around.

"Much of Moreton and Saughall Massie is on the flood plain and so we know that wet weather will impact this area more heavily than other parts of the Borough – the council’s programme should take this into account rather than enabling this present mess.

"I am also seeking assurances that these highways verges will not be left in May due to the council's 'No Mow May' policy.”

Among the roads affected are Town Meadow Lane and Saughall Massie Road.

Wirral Council has been contacted for comment.