A tale of the unexpected awaits at the Empire.

As the title suggests there is a significant timeline and it is . . . a ghost story.

Now at the end of the two-hour (including interval) production directed by Matthew Dunster there is a request.

Audience-goers are asked not to tell anyone about the outcome.

Rather like an eerie Mousetrap where we are all still sworn to secrecy.

So my lips are sealed.

I can reveal, however, there is a twist in this work by Danny Robins.

It has gained many accolades including an Olivier.

The action all takes place in a house resembling one of those converted posh barns you see on shows like Location Location Location.

A dinner party is taking place between a married couple Sam (George Rainsford) and Jenny (Fiona Wade).

The couple, who have a small child asleep upstairs, seem to be getting on each other's nerves.

The two friends who like a tipple or two, Ben (Jay McGuinness) and Lauren ( Vera Chook) supply a lot of the humour throughout with acerbic put downs.

The conversation leads to things that have been going bump in the night.

And this is where - individually and collectively - they get all het up about whether people actually see ghosts or if they don't.

There's a heated debate involving all four - meet the Ghost Flusters.

Takes are revealed of supernatural experiences.

While passionate scientist Sam de bunks any hint of an after life.

In between we have flashes of red neon light and atmospheric sounds.

The tension mounts layer upon layer and after the interval (where you can catch your breath) the story takes on a faster pace leading to even more revelations.

At times there is a lot of dialogue to take in and there is strong language from the outset.

Two electronic clocks play their part in the visual storytelling.

2: 22 A Ghost Story is one of those successful West End plays that has gained a solid reputation via word of mouth.

So I repeat no spoilers will be unleashed from this psychological thriller.

But there is one tip from me . . . don't leave your imagination at home - it will come in handy.

Verdict: Three Stars - an entertaining Tale of the Unexpected.

It is on until Saturday. Tickets from Atgtickets.com