A WIRRAL children’s music and movement group is celebrating its 10th birthday.

Popcat’s Music Time, an award-winning music group for toddlers and babies has helped numerous young children develop since it opened in 2014.

Popcat’s Music Time specialises in delivering fun, interactive and educational music classes that stimulate young minds, teaching them communication skills, socialising, expression, language, mathematics and more.

The group now nurtures around 7,000 young people per month throughout Merseyside and Cheshire via the various classes.

With 21 franchisees, the concept has provided people who are passionate about child development with businesses that they can run around their own schedule.

With countless five star reviews and awards such as Education Franchise of the year 2022 and 2023 and a national innovation award, Popcat’s Music Time bridges the gap in child development and gives young children a head start before they begin primary school.

Founded by primary school teacher Catherine Williams, it’s become a big hit amongst children and parents alike.

Catherine said: “It’s been an amazing 10 years of fun and education. When I created Popcat’s Music Time in 2014, after years of being a primary school teacher, it was a big risk but something I was passionate about doing. I honestly never envisaged it would grow into such a big thing with thousands of children, parents and franchisees benefitting from it every month.

“Music is such a great way of learning and the classes are high energy and led by fully trained class leaders who are passionate about child development. The feedback is always incredible and it fills me with pride to see this concept grow and grow as we reach the 10 year milestone.”

Catherine’s idea came about after realising that many children begin school underdeveloped. In a recent survey from the NAHT headteachers’ union and the Family and Childcare Trust, it was revealed that children are increasingly likely to arrive at primary school unable to speak effectively or use the toilet independently.

Almost a quarter of heads said that more than half their reception class were “not ready” for school, according to the survey of 780 school leaders. Speech and communication skills were the most common difficulties, with 97% of headteachers saying they were an issue. Through Popcat’s Music Time, Catherine and her ever growing team of franchisees bridge that gap and educate children in a fun way early on.

Catherine said: “When some children start school they can be almost 12 months behind the other children due to the month they were born. The early years of 0-5 are vital for child development and music is one of the best ways to learn, with rhythms and repetition, so that’s why I started Popcat’s — to combine music and fun to help stimulate learning prior to formal education.

“Once children get behind in education it can be really difficult to catch up. Those early years are so important and through Popcat’s we have a fun solution — the children love it and the adults do too, whilst it also gives people a business they can work around their lives. People can earn thousands a month from it making a real difference. It’s magic!”