THE average level of council tax residents in Wirral are paying compared to the rest of the country has been revealed.

A full list shows where the average level of council tax set by local authorities in England for 2024/25.

The data has been published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities and is based on the average for a Band D property.

All figures include the adult social care levy and parish precepts where appropriate.

In Wirral (Metropolitan borough) the average Band D council tax in 2024/25 was £1,888.22, (up 4.99% from 2023/24).

Wirral is lower than other in Cheshire such as Cheshire West and Chester (Unitary authority) where the average is £1,924,05 (up 5.05% from 2023/24) and Liverpool (Metropolitan borough) where the average is £2,045.17 (Up 4.99% from 2023/24).

The Band D average has increased in every local authority in England, with two exceptions: Harlow district council, where the average is unchanged from 2023/24, and Lancaster district council, where the average is down 0.24% from 2023/24.

The local authorities with the largest year-on-year percentage increase in the Band D average are Woking district council (up 10.00%), Birmingham metropolitan council (up 9.94%), Slough unitary authority (up 8.51%), Bolsover district council (up 8.32%), and Thurrock unitary authority (up 7.98%).

People living in areas represented by a district council will also pay council tax levied by their relevant county council.

For example, residents in Broxbourne, which has the lowest average council tax in England in 2024/25 (£158.24), will also pay council tax for the county council of Hertfordshire (£1,685.75).

This does not apply to people living in single-tier areas (London boroughs, metropolitan boroughs and unitary authorities).

People living in all local authorities in England will also pay additional charges as part of their council tax bill, which are levied by police and crime commissioners, fire and rescue services, and – in some areas – combined regional authorities.