INTIMATE . . .  now that is a fab way to describe Come Together by top-notch musicians Tom Connor and Mark Newnham.

It is a Beatles celebration with a difference.

The songbook of Lennon and McCartney - a glorious journey into genius land.

Ringo and George are here in spirit - just not referred to and that is very clever and subtle.

This slickly put together two hour production is in the finely-tuned hands of accomplished director Bob Eaton and musical stalwart Howard Gray.

Connor and Newnham were here last year in the show Two of Us.

Now they have gone back to the mixing desk, so to speak, and have remastered the home-grown musical concept.

There is less of a 'studio feel' this time around and a more 'in concert' approach.

Back projections provided some visual memories of Liverpool.

We are told how john and Paul met on that fate-full day at a church fete in Woolton and how they started composing together in their childhood homes and later on the road in hotels . . . here, there and everywhere.

The Beatles did so much in eight years and the significant areas of their supernatural careers are conveyed extremely well.

They are backed in this magical storytelling by a first class group billed as the 'band' and they each deserve a mention.

So credit is due to: Adam Keast (bass); Greg Joy (drums); Ben Gladwin (keyboards) and Mike Woodvine on guitar.

Tom and Mark switch effortlessly from guitars to piano with spot-on vocals.

There's great timing in their dialogue, too.

The sheer delight of any Beatle themed show is that we know every song.

Here we are taken on a roller- coaster ticket to ride from I Saw Her Standing there to Get Back.

A nod to the Apple rooftop concert is perfectly done.

In between we have Yesterday, Julia and In My Life and there is a very unusual but fun version of Fool on the Hill.

And in the end . . . there is the beautiful penultimate number which took me and the audience by surprise.

I had goosebumps.

A very moving experience.

I won't spoil what it is, but it's an outstanding and relevant piece of musical theatre.

Quite simply - a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

And yes, chaps, you certainly passed the audition.

VEDICT: Five stars - a must-see and must-hear show

It is on until April 6. Tickets from 0151 709 4321