A WIRRAL artist has recently launched an innovative sketching course set in Liverpool.

For years, Ian Fennelly, of Hoylake, has captured the essence of Liverpool through his art. However, after dedicating considerable time to studio work for personal and gallery projects, he realised he was losing touch with the narrative aspect of his creations. This realisation prompted him to immerse himself in the practice of outdoor sketching.

Ian has always harboured a deep admiration for architectural design and has been drawn to the buildings of Liverpool, a city rich in history and stories. Motivated by this connection, Ian ventured back into the city, marking the start of his journey in urban sketching.

Ian said: "I have been sketching and painting Liverpool ever since I was an art student.

My very first inspiration was The Albert Dock, a 19th-century warehouse complex situated on the Mersey waterfront. I fell in love with the towering dramatic buildings with deep black windows on the façade. At the time I couldn’t explain why I loved to draw them, but I knew that it made me feel happy. I knew that if I wanted to improve, this was the way forward.

"I was searching for a style and my ideas were all over the place, but a passion for recording the world around me started here with The Albert Dock.

"Being in my local city helped, and familiarity was a big part of my inspiration. I didn’t really have any stories to tell yet, but I knew I liked the look of it, and sometimes that is just the start you need.”

Wirral Globe:

From that point forward, Ian's career in urban sketching has led him on a global adventure of conducting workshops, where he educates students on the art of on-location sketching. This involves teaching them to capture and observe the world around them.

Urban Sketching has gained international acclaim for its role in connecting people across the UK with peers who share their interests, introducing them to a rewarding new pastime, and encouraging the exploration of their local area via sketching.

This practice encourages participants to engage deeply with their surroundings and everyday scenes with pen, ink, and watercolour.

Urban Sketching not only fosters a sense of community among artists but also enhances one's observational skills, appreciation for the intricate details of urban life, and the ability to tell compelling stories through art. It serves as a creative outlet that promotes mindfulness and allows individuals to document their world in a personal and meaningful way.

In a world of busy appointments and schedules, this new course is a way for people to notice, connect with the world, and take 30 minutes out of their busy days to connect with their well-being.

Wirral Globe:

In the Quick Sketch Course, Ian visits eight lively locations in the vibrant city of Liverpool, capturing its history and charm – guiding students step-by-step through his unique process for sketching each one.

Ian added: "Sometimes when you’re on location, you haven’t got a huge amount of time.

"So, the idea behind it is not to do a polished and complete sketch. It’s to capture the essence, the feel, the vibrancy, and the energy of these particular places. Quick sketching can help force you into not over thinking things and put the marks down quickly to take you in new directions.”

To find out more go to: urbansketchcourse.com