THE last parody musical I saw was Monty Python's Spamalot but this outrageous, production takes the genre much further.

This is not King Arthur territory though here we do have the mighty Trident in an underwater kingdom all impressively relayed on a huge nautical set aided by atmospheric lighting.

It wowed audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and is now on a bigger UK touring version.

It looks stunning with costumes to match and the ten-strong cast pulls out every stop.

It is, however, overlong at 145 minutes.

Some scenes could be cut without affecting the narrative.

Happily, there's an interval to catch your breath.

It has many laugh out-loud observations and some topical references from Nick Hancock to Greta Thunberg.

There's plenty of genuine conservation concerns,  too, included notably about clean water and discarded plastics.

It is a punchy re-working of The Little Mermaid tale - raucously re-imagined.

If you saw what Wicked did to Wizard of Oz then you'll get the overall picture.

Our anti-heroine Ursula is played by gutsy Shawna Hamic.

And RuPaul Drag Race star River  Medway is endearingly wonderful as Ariel providing fine comic timing.

Some of the 17 songs border on the classical and operatic but there's plenty of disco and pop to enjoy courtesy of a five-piece band high up on the stage.

The highlight is the cute and catchy We Didn't Make it to Disney.

And full marks to Allie Dart in a number of roles. She never put a foot wrong.

Puppetry is superb from the scene- setting start to the all-dancing finale.

But be warned there is explicit language and at times crude sexual content.

The creative collaborators Robyn Grant, Daniel Foxx and Tim Gilvin say it is a glorious monstrosity.

I couldn't have put it better.

Fish and quips all round.


4 Stars