A “NIGHTMARE” tenant has been evicted from a house due to causing serious anti-social behaviour on a Wirral street.

Magenta Living had received numerous complaints about anti-social behaviour surrounding the house on Newark Close, Noctorum, and the tenant was issued with a property possession order in July 2023.

Following reports of serious anti-social behaviour at the property, Merseyside Police assisted Magenta Living in executing an eviction order.

Sergeant Pete Hanson from EVOLVE Wirral said: “Anti-social behaviour has a profoundly negative impact on those who live in the community and this eviction order sends a strong message to those prepared to engage in this type of activity that it will not be tolerated.

“Everyone involved in EVOLVE Wirral is determined to make a positive difference to those who live and work in the Woodchurch, Beechwood and Noctorum areas and the joint activity with Magenta Living is an example of partners working together to make Wirral safer for all.”