A VAN hire company accused of taking over a picturesque Wirral seafront has seen several of its vehicles vandalised with graffiti following widespread anger.

West Wallasey Van Hire (WWVH) has been criticised in recent months for parking its vehicles along King’s Parade in New Brighton and accused by local councillors of expecting people “to put up with losing car parking at a key location.”  

The company has now signed a lease with Wirral Council to use a key regeneration site off Dock Road near the Wallasey tunnel for two years and as part of that agreement, it promised it would no longer park its vehicles on the promenade. The company, which employs hundreds of people, had previously looked to expand onto land formerly used as playing fields but this was rejected by councillors.

Wirral Globe:

The site is currently being cleared by the company to make room for vans which have been seen using the site. However one Wallasey village resident said they still saw over 100 vans parked on King’s Parade on February 27 and a number have now been vandalised with red spray paint.

Images taken today (February 27) show at least four of the company’s vehicles that were parked on the promenade have been vandalised.

 In January, Wirral Council said the new agreement would see vans move off the promenade as soon as possible, adding: “While the vehicles were parked legally, the presence of so many commercial vehicles occupying car parking spaces on the public highway is clearly not reasonable or sustainable.” However it is understood because the vehicles are parked legally in an unrestricted area, the local authority has no immediate powers to take formal action against WWVH.

A Wirral Council spokesperson said: “The council has agreed a commercial lease for a site in Wallasey with West Wallasey Van Hire. The lease was signed this month and the company are undertaking works to clear vegetation, and stoning-up other parts of the site so they can then remove the vehicles parked on New Brighton Promenade.

“The council has asked West Wallasey to provide dates for the works and removal of the vehicles and a response is awaited.”

West Wallasey Van Hire were approached for comment.