A MUM and daughter from Wirral are honouring their husband and dad by gifting care packages to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Geraldine and Chloe Bunting, from Woodchurch, set up Mr B's Legacy in memory of their husband and dad, Paul Bunting, who died aged 51.

Back in September 2017, Paul was having dinner when a piece of chicken got stuck. This was the first time this had happened.

Paul spent eight months trying to get a diagnosis, after struggling to swallow food and losing 4.5 stone in weight.

Wirral Globe: Geraldine and ChloeGeraldine and Chloe (Image: Fiona Duffy)

He was told he had Barrett’s oesophagus (where the lining of the oesophagus becomes damaged by acid reflux) and a hiatus hernia.

It was only when he collapsed in hospital after an endoscopy that he was told he had a large tumour.

In honour of Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month Geraldine and Chloe will be handing out care packages at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre on Monday, February 19 from 10am for patients and their supporters.

Speaking to the Globe, Geraldine said: "It's Oesophageal cancer awareness month and Mr B’s Legacy which we created in memory of Paul is raising awareness of this less survivable cancer as well as neutropenic sepsis.

"We believe knowing the symptoms can help to catch it early and give people the information to ask the right questions. We lost Paul to neutropenic sepsis in 2021.

"Whilst undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments Paul received a gift from a small charity with useful items to help tolerate the side effects.

"He was so touched that someone had reached out to him, so in his memory, we created Mr B’s Legacy.

"This will be the fourth time we have given away our care packs at Clatterbridge which are all funded by donations and the feedback has been amazing".

You can read more about Mr B's Legacy on social media here.