A CAFE in Wirral has urged members of the public to keep their dogs on a lead when entering their farm after two of their chickens were killed.

Maria's, located at Parkfield Farm, is a little farm café situated in Meols which is dog-friendly and has a large garden area.

On Saturday (February 10) the café posted in a public post on social media that a dog got into their chicken field and "mauled" one of their oldest chickens.

The post said: "This is why we say your dog must be on a lead before you come onto the farm, and this is why people say if your dog has no recall keep it on a lead.

"We have had a loose dog who didn't respond to their recall and got into our chicken field and mauled one of our oldest chickens Bertha the Rhode Island red. It also attacked another light Sussex hen who is now in shock hiding."

The café confirmed that they have had the chickens for five years and they "aren't just pets".

They continued: "We are deeply saddened to lose Bertha as she was our oldest hen.

"Keep your dog on a lead on the farm."

Customers' reaction to the news online...

One wrote: "Omg I'm so sorry to hear that. Why do people not use their common sense and keep a lead on knowing their dog has no recall !!!! Makes me so angry. Hope you are both OK."

Another said: "If a dog has no recall, it 100% needs to be on a lead. Your animals being victim is bad enough, but it could have been a child.

"Totally down to the owner!"