A charity supporting Wirral children with cerebral palsy has re-launched its popular lottery to raise funds and give participants the chance to win up to £25,000 every week.

For every £1 entry a week, Stick ‘n’ Step Lottery players receive a unique six-digit number.  Every Friday, when the winning numbers are generated, if your digits are in the same positions as the winning number sequence, there are a variety of prizes to be won.

Depending on whether you match three, four, five or six numbers, you could win five free entries, £25, £1,000 or the grand prize of £25,000.

The Lottery is run by Unity. In this fixed odds number match game, all players have a 1 in 63 chance of winning any prize.

Funds raised will help Stick ‘n’ Step, which has centres in Wallasey and Runcorn, continue with its work, providing free weekly conductive education sessions to children and young people with cerebral palsy up to the age of 25, allowing them to gain the skills they need to live more independent lives.

The charity relies on supporters and volunteers to help raise the £750,000 required to deliver its services to over 100 families each year at its Wallasey and Runcorn centres.

Head of fundraising Sarah Johnson, said: "To keep our centres in Runcorn and Wallasey open, and support as many children with cerebral palsy as we can across the region, we need to raise more than £750,000 every year.

"We don't receive any funding from the Government, so we rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep delivering our services.

"The money raised from playing our Lottery will help us to continue to transform lives of children and their families. It will also provide a fun opportunity for participants to win cash every week!"

To find out more about the Stick ‘n’ Step Lottery, go to https://www.sticknstep.org/stick-n-step-lottery/ 

Find out more about the charity by visiting www.sticknstep.org.