A WIRRAL councillor has thanked a company for their "swift action" to deal with the "atrocious" noise and smells coming from their industrial site.

Plura Innovations, which operates from an industrial site on Tarran Way in Moreton, is a UK plastic products supplier.

In November, the Globe reported that a resident had described the noises coming from the site as "atrocious".

The resident also explained that the noise sounded like "living under an airport" and "even through double glazing you could still hear it" at 1.30am in the morning.

Following complaints from residents living in the Berrylands Road and Bramble Way area of Moreton, the company was contacted by the Council’s Environmental Health Department.

As a result, the company agreed that an extraction unit would be turned off between 6pm and 8am and be modified with a silencer, along with further measures, to reduce the noise coming from the unit.

Colin Laidlaw, Director at Plura Innovations, told the Globe at the time: "We have recently had a new dust extraction unit fitted and this is where the noise is coming from, we didn’t realise that the exhaust would make as much noise as it is doing. 

"Below are the actions I have put in place:

  • Extraction unit will be turned off at 6pm in the evening and switched back on at 8am in the morning.
  • A silencer has been ordered, circa £1,800, to lower the noise coming from the unit.  Leadtime of approx. six weeks for delivery.
  • More ducting will be introduced to divert the exhaust from the extraction unit away from the railway line and neighbours to again aid reducing the noise coming from the unit.

"All in all, the above works will reduce the noise to the neighbours."

Councillor Colin Baldwin said: "No resident should have to suffer with problems such as these. I would like to thank Colin Laidlaw, director at Plura Innovations, for accepting responsibility for this problem and taking immediate action to deal with it.  

"Other businesses can learn from his approach.

"I’m delighted the new fume extraction system has been installed and is now operative."