A WIRRAL actor, who is currently starring in a musical on the West End, has said how he was "fascinated" with the stage from a young age.

Jak Malone, from Prenton, grew up in a "fun" and "creative" household and was always making up plays with his family.

At the time, his nan worked at the Liverpool Empire as a dresser and he said how the theatre was "very generous with their free tickets" meaning he got to see all the shows that were on.

Speaking to the Globe, the 30-year-old said: "That's where my love of theatre came from.

"I was fascinated with the stage, it was mesmerising."

From there, Jak joined Starlight Youth Theatre when he was eight, which was based in Heswall and "never really left" until he went to LIPA University.

After finishing university and performing in A Clockwork Orange in Liverpool for a couple of moths, he moved to London in 2019 to pursue his acting career further.

Now, Jak is one of five stars in the musical adaptation of Operation Mincemeat at The Fortune Theatre in London.

Wirral Globe: Operation Mincemeat castOperation Mincemeat cast (Image: Matt Crockett)

Based on the extraordinary true story during World War II, the elaborate scheme is largely attributed to Ewen Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley.

However, until recently, little was known about one of the less-regarded female protagonists – MI5 secretary Hester Leggatt.

Jak added: "I was a huge fan of the writers of Operation Mincemeat.

"I’m well versed in the musicals so I said you need to bring me onto the team, I can do lots of voices and lots of different styles.

"We’ve been slowly working on the show. We first did it at an 80-seat venue, and now we’ve moved up to The Fortune Theatre, which is a 400-seat venue."

Wirral Globe: Operation Mincemeat castOperation Mincemeat cast (Image: Matt Crockett)

Jak, as well as the rest of the cast, play a range of characters throughout. Some of Jaks' roles include a secretary and a coroner.

Speaking about his love for performing, Jak said there is a "spontaneity" to it.

"We connect with an audience and take them on a journey to suspend their disbelief", he said. 

"By the end, you’ve both had a shared experience.

"I’ve told a story, they’ve watched a story and they’re appreciative of it.

"There’s no other job like it, it’s weird, it’s exhausting, you need a lot of skills and you're constantly learning."

Day in the life of a West End star

Jak told the Globe about what a typical day in the life of a West End star looks like.

He said: "I typically wake up at about 10.30am because I'm always exhausted from the evening before. I spend the morning relaxing with my partner and dog.

"Anytime I’m at home I spend it looking after my voice. I'll have a medicial herbal honey drink and if I’ve got two shows I’ll have a fairly light breakfast, then head into the theatre on the London underground.

"I'll get fruit and a smoothie to give me lots of energy.

"Two hours before the show we start warming up. We do a physical warm-up with stretches and cardio, then I do a vocal warm-up with lots of singing and humming.

"Then get into hair and makeup which takes about an hour.

"Act one is an hour and a half and I rarely leave the stage, we’re all working all of the time. Act two is the same and then between shows I will chat and relax with the cast, sprouse up my hair and makeup then do the second show.

"After each show, I head out the stage door to speak to fans of the show, and then I get the train home for 11pm."

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