EVERYONE has their favourite pie.

Whether it's pork pies, meat pies or cheese and onion pies or even apple pie, cherry pie or lemon meringue pie, there's something to suit all tastebuds inside a pastry case.

Today is National Pie Day – a whole day dedicated to pies!

It’s the perfect mid-winter treat to warm the hearts and taste buds of pie lovers.

As British people - and northerners - we love a good pie and as a nation we consume more than £1billion worth of the tasty treats every year.

With endless choices about how to enjoy a pie - hot or cold, sweet or savoury, short crust, filo or puffed pastry - it's no easy task to pick a favourite.

Here are a few places in Wirral where you can pick up a pie to mark British Pie Week, including our Best for Pies 2023 winner Pies4U.

GH Pearson Butchers

GH Pearson Butchers

Pearson’s Butchers, New Ferry Road, New Ferry

This popular place makes their pies fresh each day and usually sells out.

Customers say they’re “legendary” and “the best pies in New Ferry”.

One nomination said: “They have the best pork pies ever!

“If you have never tasted them you’re missing out!”

For more details go to facebook.com/Jan211987hc/

Veronicas Bakery

Veronica's Bakery

Veronica’s Bakery, Hoylake Road, Moreton

One recommendation said this family-run business makes “the best pies in Wirral” and another said they “wouldn’t buy a pie from anywhere else”.

One happy customer said: “It’s by far the best bakery in Wirral.

“They get up at 3.30am each day to make fresh pies, bread and cakes – true dedication!”

For more details go to facebook.com/veronicasbakers/

Whieldons Butchers

Whieldon's Butchers

Whieldon’s Butchers, Town Lane, Higher Bebington

One nomination for the pies at Whieldon’s said they make the best pies not only in Wirral but in the UK!

The pork pies got top billing.

For more details go to facebook.com/Whieldons/



Pies4U sold at Heswall farmers’ market once a month

With three cheese and caramelised onion, coq au vin and butter chicken fillings as well as vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, there’s something for everything at Pies4U.

The company has already won national awards for their pies, which are all created from the owner’s home in Newton to be sold in West Kirby.

They took our Best for Pies 2023 crown!

For more details go to facebook.com/weluvpies

Boysenberry Catering & Deli

Boysenberry Catering & Deli

Boysenberry Catering & Deli, New Chester Road, New Ferry

One happy customer said: “Fabulous pies made with premium quality ingredients.”

What better recommendation is there?

They were a must for our shortlist.

For more details go to facebook.com/BoysenberryCatering

Masseys Butchers, Delicatessen & Wine Merchant

Massey's Butchers, Delicatessen & Wine Merchant

Massey’s Butchers, Delicatessen & Wine Merchant, Telegraph Road, Heswall

The “extremely tasty” steak and gravy pies received a special mention in the nominations for this place along with the “scrummy crumbly shortcrust pastry”.

For more details go to facebook.com/Derekmasseyandsons/

Dodgshons Bakery

Dodgshons Bakery

Dodgshons Bakery, Magazine Lane, New Brighton

These pies were popular with readers with customers recommending them to family and friends.

For more details go to facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063785520695

Dylls Bakery

Dylls Bakery

Dylls Bakery, Prenton Road, Birkenhead

The homemade chicken balti pie is mouth-wateringly good but maybe the homemade roast chicken, pulled ham and chicken gravy pie would be the one to order?

Spoilt for choice!

For more details go to instagram.com/dylls_bakery/