A NEW boxing gym aiming to "keep kids off the streets" has opened in Bromborough.

Sean Mulvihill, from Liverpool, is the new head coach at Bromborough Gloves and has been involved in boxing "all of his life".

After being involved in boxing for many years, he decided to open his own gym because of the "positive impact" boxing provides for people in the community, especially children.

He said: "Our aim is to get as many kids in and charge them as little as possible. 

"It keeps kids off the streets and helps with anti-social behaviour, especially nowadays, there is no better place then a boxing gym."

Wirral Globe: Bromborough GlovesBromborough Gloves (Image: Bromborough Gloves)

40-year-old Sean has recruited Nathan Woodward, Eddie Atkins and Harry Hamilton to help him coach classes.

Bromborough Gloves, at The Rake, offers sessions all throughout the week.

At the moment, they run a 12-16-year-old class on a Monday and Wednesday at 5pm and an adult class at 6.15pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays have a boot camp at 10.30am and Thursdays at 6pm is for women only.

There is a special 8-11 year old class at 5.15pm on a Friday and an adult class at 6.15pm. Sessions are £3 for a child, £5 for adults or adults can pay £35 for a month of sessions and go to as many as they desire.

Sean added: "We needed a gym in this area as it is close to a residential area so there are lots of people near. 

Wirral Globe: Outside of the gymOutside of the gym (Image: Bromborough Gloves)

"Boxing is one of those sports where kids have to be disciplined. If they don’t listen they could get hurt so they have to listen and do as their told, which parents accept and understand.

"We’ve had parents come in and say they're going to have to train and get fit as they've got to set an example for their children.

"It's good that parents and kids are bouncing off each other."

Bromborough Gloves opened on January 8. For more information visit here.