SUNDAY Times bestselling author, Clare Mackintosh, is returning to Wirral for a book talk and signing.

With more than 2m copies of her books sold worldwide, Mackintosh is the multi-award-winning author of I Let You Go, which was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, and the fastest-selling title by a new UK crime writer in 2015. 

The 47-year-old from Bristol will visit Linghams in Heswall to speak about her newest novel I Promise it Won’t Always Hurt Like This: 18 Assurances on Grief.

A description of the book by Mackintosh's publishers, said: "After Clare's son died in 2006, a neighbour brought her a bunch of daffodils and promised it wouldn’t always hurt as it did then.

"Clare didn’t believe her, but as the years passed, those words began to take root. It didn’t get better, but it did get easier.

"Now Clare grows daffodils – a sign of hope after a long winter – as a way of remembering her son.

"14 years after her son passed away, Clare tweeted about her experience of discovering grief no longer controlled her life, making some promises to others who might be going through the early days of their own grief, and it had the most incredible response all over the world.

"Yet what you can fit into a tweet is limited and Clare couldn’t reply to the thousands of people who reached out to her – and thus the idea for this book was born.

"With 18 short assurances that are full of compassion – drawn from Clare’s experiences of losing her son and her father –  this is the book she needed then."

Clare will be at Linghams on March 11 at 7pm.

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