DRIVERS were forced to pull over on the M53 motorway after they encountered a "huge pothole". 

Yesterday (Wednesday, January 16) cars on the M53 North Bound Junction 1 were impacted by a pothole in the road with many being left with flat tyres.

At around 4.30pm National Highways were informed and immediately ordered a repair.

A spokesperson for National Highways said: “There was a delay to the arrival of our repair teams due to weather-related work elsewhere but lane one was closed off by 7pm and a temporary repair was completed by 11pm.”

Highways also confirmed to the Globe that they would be returning at a “later date” to make a permanent repair which are usually done overnight to minimise disruption to drivers.

Following the disruption, drivers took to social media to share their experience with the pothole.

One person said: “I was driving home before, saw cars at the side of the motorway so I know exactly what I hit now. it was so bad my daughter jumped and looked shocked, only a baby.”

Another person added: “It felt like I hit a wall. Terrible. I did phone police and report it it was terrible they kept the lane open for so long.”

A third said: “I went over this earlier seen a car on the shoulder hell of a bang.”

Another person said: “I didn't realise until I got onto Leasowe Road and the lights came on dash, tyre ruined. Such a big hole.”

Another commented added: “Could kill someone that’s travelling on a motorbike if they hit that at speed . That lane should be closed off till it is fixed.”

One person said: “I hit it with my car on the way home. It damaged the alloy, tyre and suspension.”

Another added: “Oh god yes we hit it and wondered why they were all there. It must have just opened up because of the cold weather.”