A 'MAN CRECHE' in Ellesmere Port is aiming to get men out of the house a couple of times a month to enjoy a range of activities.

Ellesmere Port Round Table Chairman Jamie Norman has set up the project to encourage more men in the area to get out and make new friends. The organisation meets fortnightly on Thursdays to take on a range of activities; from axe throwing and dodgeball to bushcraft and butchery.

The group is open to any men between the ages of 18 and 45 years old, the Round Table is well known in the Ellesmere Port area for there much loved annual Santa Float that has been seen on the streets of Ellesmere Port since the 1970’s.

Jamie said: "Ladies of Ellesmere Port , the men in your life need your help in making that first step to get involved.

"A lot of guys will have seen our posts and all the fun things we get up to, but they will either make excuses or live busy lives with work and families to get involved."

Jamie added: "If you know someone sat at home bored on a Thursday night that you think would benefit and enjoy getting out, meeting new people and trying different activities then feel free to tag them and message us.

"Or if you just want a quiet night to yourself we are happy to babysit him for you! So get him out to your very own Man Crèche, here in Ellesmere Port . We meet every other Thursday night so encourage him along for events such as axe throwing, bowling, boxing, driving range, archery and more.

"He will have the chance to make new friends and come back tired and stimulated from the evening's play and a few beers and his behaviour is sure to improve in the following weeks!"

For more information on signing up to the 'Man Creche' or joining the round table in general, visit the Ellesmere Port Round Table page on Facebook.